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"NIFTY '50s"!


What were the three most important things to a teenager in the '50's?  Right.  Your friends, your "wheels" and your music .... pretty much in that order.


If you weren't at the soda shoppe sipping a cherry Coke and eating French fries with plenty of catsup, you were probably at the A&W.   Nothing promoted A&W faster than teenage mobility ... the drive-in was "the place" to meet and hang out with your friends.  Oh ya!  Fine as wine in the summertime!


Peel Out!
How about those fabulous cars!  The auto manufacturers were all trying to compete for the teenage dollar with that special look.

The cars were classy!  I loved all the chrome, but what a killer to polish every week!   You must admit, a '57 Chevy convertible was really boss!

Even my girlfriends and I could tell the difference between cars.  To know whether it had four on the floor or was an automatic -- that probably didn't happen.   With all those crinolines in the way, it was hard to even get "in" the car.  Right gals?

1957 Chevrolet, Bel-Air Convertible

1957 Ford, Galaxie 500

1957 Plymouth, Fury


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