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Marina Pacifica

I'm the proprietor of Marina Pacifica,
and Marina is my name...
(amazing how that worked out!)

Looking for a break from surfing the Web?
Drop anchor and take in the sights!

What's Marina Pacifica?
It's really a delightful place to...
"stop, wander, laugh and ponder"
It offers a little of this and that for your amusement.

But mostly it's a place of gratitude for
life's calm seas and love's smooth sailing
with a few pages of my personal diary
thrown in to make it interesting!

I hope you enjoy your visit, and
don't forget to join the Holiday festivities!

To Enter
click on a pearl...
Marina Pacifica welcomes you!


Before setting sail, grab a piece of driftwood
and leave a message in the sand.
I'll make sure it's not washed away!
My Personal Thanks
Graphics by Cwshorty

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All rights reserved    

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My Personal Invitation
Do you have a personal story you'd 
like to share, but don't have a web site?
I invite you to be a part of 
Marina Pacifica. 


Simply email

your original writing to me 
and I will create a page for you!