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Everyday Reward


If you're looking for a compliment,
It might be quite a wait.
If you're looking for a thank you
Your odds just aren't that great ...

Unless you're married to Bob!

If you need to be a grump
but only for awhile
Then have your spirits lifted
with a cheery infectious smile ...

Bob does.

If you want to cut the grass
Instead of cleaning house.
And really whoop it up some time
Not be quiet as a mouse.

Bob encourages it!

And when you need to love him
Just to show him that you do.
He'll be the first to let you
'Cause he knows the feeling too.

It's easy.

And when he looks at you
like you're special in every way.
And he tells you 

"you're my reward from God for working hard today".

There are no words to describe the feeling!


All that he is ... all that he does
is too much to compare
And so, I'll simply epitomize
with this humble prayer.

"I thank you, Lord, for bringing
such joy into my life.
I'm grateful that Bob is my husband
and so proud to be his wife."



Thank you, Pumpkin, for sharing the past 12 years 
of your life with me. 
It's only the beginning ... I promise!

                            I love you.

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