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Marina Pacifica

If you are looking for a hiatus from surfing the Web,
Marina Pacifica was created with you in mind.
Set anchor and take in the sights!

I am the caretaker of Marina Pacifica,
and ironically, Marina is my name.

I admire all of the beautiful sites being created. 
I find the camaraderie shared by so many 
encouraging and the kindness and caring inspiring. 

Marina Pacifica is the manifestation of
my ardent desire to be a part of it.

This is my premier.
I hope you enjoy my web home and 
please visit my holiday pages under Happy Everything. 


My Invitation

For anyone who has a 
personal story or thought 
you'd like to share
but you do not have a web site, 
I invite you to be a part of 
Marina Pacifica. 


Simply email

your original writing to me 
and I will create a page for you!


To Enter
click on a pearl...
Marina Pacifica awaits you!

Kindly sign my Guest Book before setting sail.

My Personal Thanks