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   Cousin Judy
(How My Web Home Came To Be)

   Forever Friends
(A Stranger Can Change Your Life)

   Everyday Reward

A tribute to my husband on our 20th Wedding Anniversary
The one person who knows me better than
another person should and still loves me! *S*  

   Family Album
(Have You Ever Seen a Polka-Dot Wedding Dress?)

   Nifty '50s

 Nostalgic Look-back
 American Bandstand
Rock n' Roll
MIDI-Minded Marina's Jukebox

We all have our favorite e-mail stories we've kept because
they are so poignant and meaningful.   These are a few of my
favorites I felt deserved a web page all to themselves.

 One Small Gesture
 Rose's Dream
A Thousand Marbles
The List
Poetry Set to Music
911 Memorial

   Happy Everything
Completed Pages in this Section
"My Favorite Holiday"

Links to Entertaining and Special Websites
Judy's Place
Sweet Georgia Peach
Random Acts of Kindness
Where To Next
Ladies of the Heart

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