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I am fortunate to be able to run our business from home.  No more power suits, power lunches or power plays to contend with.  One detriment though is now I am more inclined to indulge in a Powerhouse, Baby Ruth, or Snickers.  Thank goodness for the power walk!
Lack of personal contact can also be a drawback, but I have a spoiled tabby to keep me company.  If any of you have a cat, you know that only happens in her timeframe of course.  Her name is Twiggles, but for good reason was nicknamed Ms CleoCATra ... need I say more?!
I like to play background music during the day while I'm working - everything from Bach to rock.
A good friend of ours is a member of Christian Edition, a local men's choir that tours nationally.  In trying to memorize the words so I can sing along, I found that oftentimes the lyrics to a particular song are an incredibly beautiful poem, which is lost within the lovely melody. I hope you enjoy the poems as much as I do.

Lead The Way

When I first heard Lead The Way, I was amazed at how a simple verse could express thoughts so succinctly.

    Train Up A Child

As the mom/stepmom of seven, and grandma of fourteen (Update as of 2004: 18 grandchildren), I was particular moved by the words of Train Up A Child.

I believe that much of what is happening to our youth today is because of a lack of self-esteem due, in part, to the lack of spiritual training.  What is the adage? "You cannot love another until you can love yourself."

In the same way a child needs to be taught how to tie a shoelace, use a spoon or to say "please" and "thank you", they need to be shown how special it is to feel good about themselves and about God.

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CHRISTIAN EDITION's music can be heard on Christian Radio Stations across the United States, as well as around the world and is regularly featured on the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast. They have also made several appearances on the It Is Written and Crystal Cathedral's Hour of Power television programs as well as 3ABN Network, The Carter Report and KSBN.

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