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The midi you are listening to is
entitled "GIVE THANKS" 
by Henry Smith, arranged and sequenced by JJ Johnson

I love the melody and I've tried to find
the lyrics to use on my Thanksgiving page, 
but no luck.
The next best thing was to write my own lyrics ...
so I did.

I hope you like them,


Give thanks for this special day
Give thanks for the chance to say,
Dear Lord, I am truly blessed today.
I pray... 

Keep safe all those I hold dear.
Keep safe those both far and near.
Keep safe those who need your guiding light - tonight.

And if some day I should ever be
Less then you expect of me
Then, O Lord, please help me see your grace more perfectly.

Share love with a needy soul.
Share love as a daily goal.
Share love and you will truly feel alive.
And strive to...

Give thanks for the little things.
Give thanks for the smiles it brings.
Give thanks, and let your heart take wings and fly on high.

But if life seems to be going wrong.
Try your hardest to be strong
For silent prayers are on their way - today!

And when you can feel your spirit soar.
Share the love and joy once more
With yet another who is sad.
Be glad and...

Give thanks with all your might,
Give thanks for the right to 
Give thanks.

Lyrics by Marina
(with humble thanks)
November 2000


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