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A big  HELLO to all RAOKans

I thank you for welcoming me into your hearts
and as my gift to you, I dedicate this poem ...


Random Acts of Kindness

You've Dried My Tears
You've Consoled My Fears
Your Loving Deeds Now Bind Us
I Now Share Cheers
With All My Peers
Through Random Acts of Kindness

We Can't Relent
We're Friendship Sent
No Need to Remind Us
"Just 5 Minutes" Spent
On This Event
Are Random Acts of Kindness

Today's the Day
And We're the Way
Our Credo Has Defined Us...
To Simply Say,
"You've Been Touched Today"
With  Random Acts of Kindness

Across the Miles
Are Seen Our Smiles
Lady Lacey Designed Us
Stay for Awhile
Show Off YOUR Style
Share Random Acts of Kindness

October 2000

Although dear Lady Lacey, co-founder of Random Acts of Kindness,
was called home on November 11, 2000,
her spirit and shining example will forever live on
through those who knew and loved her.

For those of us who had recently joined the procession,
THANK YOU for beating the drum and getting the parade started!

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Random Acts of Kindness

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