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Want s'more rock n' roll trivia?


Allen Freed   "Mr. Rock & Roll"
Allen Freed was the original high-energy, shout-along-with-the-record AM screamer, and his show -- along with rock 'n' roll music -- attracted a huge following.  A rock 'n' roll show Freed promoted at Cleveland Stadium had to be cancelled when the joint was overrun by something like 80,000 fans.

By 1954, Freed had moved to a late-night show on WINS in New York City where he duplicated his earlier success. On April 12, 1954, Bill Haley and the Comets recorded "Rock Around the Clock," a teen anthem that is generally credited with making rock 'n' roll a worldwide phenomenon. Initially the tune did poorly, but when it was chosen as the theme for the film Blackboard Jungle, it became a monster smash in just about every country where the movie played -- selling 22 million copies in all.

Meanwhile, down in Memphis, Tennessee a country boy  by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley ... but then you know the rest.


The End of An Era ...
To round out the Nifty '50's, were the movies, sports and politics brought to us every week by Life magazine. Q: Remember Look magazine's slogan? A: Bigger than Life.
Adlai Stevenson (American Ambassador to U.N.), Mickey Mantle (baseball great), Dwight D. Eisenhower (D-Day Supreme Commander and U.S. President) and the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe (movie star) -- Oh, Marilyn, that's one John you should have stayed away from!
In 1957, I was 11 years old, but even at such a tender age, those events left a lasting impression.  Thanks for taking a nostalgic stroll through my memories with me.  If it brought a smile to your face, I'm happy.

Those Nifty '50's are forever gone and can never be duplicated, but will always be ...

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