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American Bandstand with Dick Clark
How many of you remember hurrying home from school to watch the kids from Philadelphia.  I sure do.  There was Patty, Carmen, Justine & Bob, Arlene & Kenny (Kenny - now he was fine!), and of course, the incomparable Dick Clark.  Does that guy every get any older?

Growing up in Michigan, the youngest of four, I couldn't even date a boy unless my older brother "checked him out" first.  But now that I stop and think about it, that was pretty cool.  Thanks, Sonny.

My dancing partner was my sister, Susie.  For some reason, I always had to lead.  Remeber those great dances like the Chalypso, Chicken, the Hop (it was sometimes called the Swing).  Or who can forget The Diamonds singing The Stroll.

Come let's go, Stroll across the floor.
Said, "come let's go, Stroll across the floor."
Now, turn around, baby and Stroll some more.

Feel so good, take me by the hand.
Said, "feels so good, take me by the hand."
Let's go Strolling to wonderland.

The lyrics were a little hokey, but what did we know?  You wonder, how did all of that euphoric music get started?

Hey! Do you have a favorite Nifty '50s story that comes to mind?  I'd love to hear it.  Oh, tell me -- please, please, please.  Pretty please!

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