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Welcome to

WHAT IS A HOME eFFICE? By now you've heard of e-mail, eCommerce, and e-zine, right? Well, a HOME eFFICE is the word I coined to describe my online office.

Like any office, it's a collection of what I feel is important to keep ... tidbits of information that may come in handy someday: writings, jokes, pictures, video clips, music clips and whatever else struck my fancy the minute I decided to clicked that Save button.

I created this HOME eFFICE out of necessity. I am a obsessive saver. And e-mail has made me that much more so ... Gotta Save is my favorite folder. That's bad!

Most of what you'll find are things to make you laugh, think or ponder ... even sad at times.

The contents comes from a variety of sources. Some I've written myself, some were e-mailed to me, some I found just clicking around the Web, some are simply Anonymous.

Feel free to rummage around in my e-stuff and if you come across something that makes you laugh out loud, smile, or even chuckle a bit, I'll be pleased.

And if you like what you see, be sure to sign my guestbook or send an e-mail to let me know.

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I Just Love E-mail!